Our Mission
Holding the belief that a quality education is the key to breaking the chains of poverty, our mission is:

To connect areas in need with the proper tools required to improve the quality of education being used to teach students, to prepare students for higher education, to offer continual learning support for educators in these countries, to supply access to valuable learning resources directly to each student, to create a sustainable resource that will continue to grow indigenously as part of each individual community after we have left, and to help equip people with the necessary tools to achieve their full potential in life while giving back to their community.

Learn About Our Story
Our Story

Lan Vwa began in 2010, when our founder went to Haiti to help deliver aid after the earthquake and became involved in educational efforts.

In 2012, Lan Vwa was incorporated in Pennsylvania as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. Our name translates to “the voice” in Haitian Creole, reflecting our efforts to return what poverty has stolen from citizens of developing areas - their voice.

As Lan Vwa grew, successful programs have been implemented in Haiti and Guatemala. By connecting these communities to educational access and tools, we hope to continue empowering our students to fulfill their dreams and potential!

Our Vision
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela

We provide access to education in areas that would not have access without our support. Before we do anything, we begin by gathering information and developing relationships. The relationships we build are the avenue to developing projects and leaders in that area.

Every project we explore, we focus on training and nurturing the leaders to support the program. These leaders are the key to true success. As we hand over the program and step back into a supportive role, these members of the community step up to lead their neighbors, children, and friends..

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What it Takes


Monthly cost of tuition and school supplies for a student


Cost to host classes for 1 grade level


Provide facilities, qualified teachers, and expenses needed to educate a student for a month


Cost of tuition and school supplies for a student for 1 year.


Cost of equipment for a cyber project: microphone, speakers, laptop, and tv screen