Our Team

Every member of our team plays a key role in carrying out the mission of our organization. Our team is diverse with many different backgrounds and stories defining their lives. Regardless of whether they are on the ground or thousands of miles away from our schools, they all share a common passion to empower students through education.

Meet Our Community Leaders
Our Community Leaders
Lan Vwa works with people on the ground that are invested in the community. These leaders are there pouring into the community when no one is looking. They were there before us, and they will be there long after us. Our students are their neighbors and children. They are a vital piece of our mission.
Armando and Norma Leiva Community Leaders
Armando and Norma Leiva have been investing in Joconal for over 8 years. Armando was born and raised in a village close to Joconal. As a teenager, he moved to Guatemala City to pursue an education. There he met Norma. They raised three incredible children and taught them the value of education. With a calling to Joconal, Armando and Norma poured much of their life savings into starting a coffee farm to provide jobs for the people in the village. They give so much, so the people in Joconal can have dignity and provide food for their families. Our school is located in the house on their farm.
Paulino and Maria Santiago Community Leaders
Paulino and Maria Santiago live just down the road from our school in Joconal with their four adorable children. Paulino came to Joconal as a young boy. His parents sent him away at the age of eight to start working. He traveled to Joconal looking for a job and found a home. The woman living at the Leiva’s farm house, Goya, took the him in and raised him. When he was older, Paulino’s cousin, who had come to Joconal, was killed. Fearing for his life, he moved to Guatemala City with Armando. Over time, Paulino knew he was being called back to Joconal to invest in the community. Now, he works with the Leiva’s doing everything you can imagine on the farm and helps our teachers with problems at the school.
Our Staff

Lan Vwa has a small but dedicated staff focused on providing access to quality education. Our staff has a passion to provide opportunities to students that have the desire to pursue a better future. Together, they continue to see the positive effect education has in the communities in which they work.
Kelly Waugaman
Kelly Waugaman
Kelly Waugaman
Kelly is the co-founder and executive director of Lan Vwa. She loves to travel and has a heart for service; she has found the two work hand-in-hand. She sees a critical need for improved education in low-income areas abroad and works to address this need. Kelly has a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from the College of Architecture at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. While in school, she experienced her first international excursion when she studied in Florence, Italy. Since college, she has worked with multiple small business owners and non-profits. As an individual who leads by example and thinks outside the box, Kelly continues to search for the ways Lan Vwa can make a difference in the world. She can be contacted via e-mail at kellymarie@lanvwa.org.
Karina Leiva
Karina Leiva
Karina Leiva
Karina lives in Guatemala City. She has a Teaching Degree with a focus on Learning disabilities from Universidad del Valle de Guatemala. Karina has been working in education since August 2004 and began working with Lan Vwa in August 2013. She is a single mother that loves working with kids. Growing up, her parents did everything to keep her in school. They taught her that there is more in life than just what you see. She is passionate about showing the students in Joconal that, through education, they can learn more and have a better life. She can be contacted via e-mail at karinaleiva@lanvwa.org.
Alba Martinez
Alba Martinez
Alba Martinez
Alba Diaz was born in Chagüitón, Guatemala. She studied education and social sciences while maintaining a career with Department of Treasury in La Union, Zacapa. She has been working as an instructor since 2002 and became a secondary education teacher for Lan Vwa in 2016. Her past experience has prepared her as an effective leader Lan Vwa’s school. She lives with her son, William, in Joconal. She can be contacted via e-mail at albamartinez@lanvwa.org.

Our Governance
Lan Vwa’s Board of Directors is a group of leaders whose governance and vision for change has propelled the organization forward. With diverse backgrounds and professional expertise, each member plays a crucial role in growing Lan Vwa’s capacity. Together, they ensure the organization will continue as long as the need is present.
William Godfrey
William Godfrey Treasurer
Is a Senior Auditor at Holsinger, P.C. with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Accounting dedicated to audit, review and compilation work. His responsibilities include the supervision of staff, management of field-audits, compliance testing, report writing, risk assessment, and the communication of financial statements under US GAAP. His well-rounded proficiency in audit includes non-profit, A-133 single audits, and grant specific audits. In addition to his attestation experience, William has an entrepreneurial spirit and passion to help non-profit, for-profit, and business leaders steward their resources to enable growth and transformational change in order to leave a legacy for future generations. He can be contacted at williamgodfrey@lanvwa.org.
Michele Boone
Michele Boone Secretary
Michele was born and raised in southwest Michigan. She landed in Asheville 13 years ago. Married over 33 years with 4 grown children, three whom were adopted—and 3 grandchildren, she retired from teaching special education full time in North Carolina in 2015 with her M. Ed. With more free time on hand, she wanted to find a worthy cause where her education and experience could be utilized in a multitude of meaningful ways. Upon reading about Lan Vwa and its mission of bringing self-sustaining educational opportunities to communities around the world, She knew that she found that cause. She enjoys working with such a dynamic group of people dedicated to making a true difference in the world. She can be contacted at mboone@lanvwa.org
Geovanni Leiva
Geovanni Leiva Member
Geovanni is the Master Roaster at Leiva's Coffee, a coffee roaster that specializes in Micro lot coffees from Guatemala. As a fourth generation coffee farmer, coffee has been a huge part of his life. He has seen first hand how education can change lives, so he is committed to making a difference through his church, business, and as an active member of Lan Vwa's board. Prior to starting his own business, he worked as a computer programer at TROMIK Technology for 14 years. Geovanni received his degree in Computer Science from Pulaski Technical College in 2001.
Mark Harley
Mark Harley Member
Mark has been exclusively practicing Immigration Law in Pittsburgh for over seven years. He has a unique understanding of how to handle the most complex of immigration issues having served as a constituent service representative for a Member of Congress assisting individuals with immigration concerns. Mark has been recognized by his peers as a Super Lawyers Rising Star in Immigration Law in multiple years.

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