Giving Season
Give the gift of education to students in the village of Joconal and town of Chichimecas.
Lan Vwa
Empowering Communities through Education
The Path
to education is hard for children in Joconal Guatemala.
Connecting students in Joconal Guatemala with the resources they need to gain an education.
Through our program, children have access to education and a future they would otherwise never have.
Empowering Communities through Education
Families can't afford to send their children to school because the schools are too far away. The children are needed to help at home but they must walk miles to school if they wish to attend.
We set up cyber schools free to the students right in the villages where the children live. This allows the children to stay home and continue helping their families while they attend school.
Our students gain computer skills, gain a higher education, are sought after for employment and some continue to college.
Your generosity gives these children a chance for a future.

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What it Takes


Monthly cost of tuition and school supplies for a student


Cost to host classes for 1 grade level


Provide facilities, qualified teachers, and expenses needed to educate a student for a month


Cost of tuition and school supplies for a student for 1 year.


Cost of equipment for a cyber project: microphone, speakers, laptop, and tv screen