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can have a lasting impact. We partner with businesses like yours that want to see lasting change in the communities where they work.

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3 out of 4 people say their job is more fulfilling when they are provided opportunities to make a positive impact at work. (Source:

There are six different ways that we partner with businesses to empower communities. Your company can get involved in any or all of our opportunities. Explore the ways you can help below. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule an in person meeting. (See our current partners)

Employee Match Campaign
We will provide materials to launch a one month long giving campaign at your company. During the campaign, your employees are encouraged to give, and your company matches their giving $1 for $1. For more information on the employee giving match contact Kelly Waugaman at!
Employee Volunteerism
We always have ways for professionals to use their skills to empower communities. Your company can take part by encouraging your employees to volunteer. For more information on the employee volunteerism contact Kelly Waugaman at
Bag a Lunch Day
It only take $9.50 to sponsor one class for a week. This covers pay for qualified teachers, cost of internet, and utilities. By hosting a “Bag a lunch day”, your company can sponsor a week of classes for every employee that bags a lunch and donates $9.50 to Lan Vwa. For more information on bag a lunch day contact Kelly Waugaman at
Facility Sponsor
It takes $150 to provide facilities for one student each month. These this cost covers everything from teachers to internet to maintaining the space. This is an easy way for your business to partner with us on an ongoing basis. For more information on the facility sponsorship contact Kelly Waugaman at or sign-up now.
Corporate Giving
One time corporate gifts go a long way in helping us carry out our mission. We would love the opportunity to share our mission with you in person and show you what your corporate gift will do. For more information on the corporate giving or to schedule an appointment contact Kelly Waugaman at
Product Donations
Is it time to upgrade work computers? If your business prefers to donate products and would like to help, we gladly accept relevant product donations. For more information on the product donations contact Kelly Waugaman at
More Ways to Get Involved
Every dollar you give empowers a student.
Your time can help break the cycle of poverty.
Join us for an event.

What it Takes


Monthly cost of tuition and school supplies for a student


Cost to host classes for 1 grade level


Provide facilities, qualified teachers, and expenses needed to educate a student for a month


Cost of tuition and school supplies for a student for 1 year.


Cost of equipment for a cyber project: microphone, speakers, laptop, and tv screen