Your Voice

can be a part of empowering communities. Everyone has something to give and together we can make a lasting impact.

Learn How

Sponsor a Class

It only takes a small gift of $9.50 to sponsor one class for a week. This covers pay for qualified teachers, cost of internet, and utilities. Was social studies your favorite subject in 9th grade? Why not sponsor 9th grade social studies? Maybe you love math. Why not sponsor math classes for 7th and 8th grade?

You can stop by the class to say “Hi” or see how the students are doing via email. Get connected by sponsoring a class today.

Become an Ambassador

Ambassador (n.) a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.

At Lan Vwa, we want to make sure there are opportunities for anyone who is interested in what we do to get involved! We launched an International Ambassador Program to help connect all of our passionate friends to one another and help us expand our reach. If you have a few hours every month to share news about Lan Vwa with your social circle, let us know!

More Ways to Get Involved
Every dollar you give empowers a student.
Your time can help break the cycle of poverty.
Join us for an event.

What it Takes


Monthly cost of tuition and school supplies for a student


Cost to host classes for 1 grade level


Provide facilities, qualified teachers, and expenses needed to educate a student for a month


Cost of tuition and school supplies for a student for 1 year.


Cost of equipment for a cyber project: microphone, speakers, laptop, and tv screen